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PostSubject: <<<<<Always >>>>>>   <<<<<Always >>>>>> Icon_minitime5th December 2008, 01:42

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All through my life it's been this way, Always.

    I feel so insignificant, a minuet part of the galaxy in this world of ours.
    As I look at the constellations, the dippers and vastness of the stars.
    So why do I feel God should always be there when I kneel to pray.
    Always coming to help me in my hour of need, in HIS own Godly way.

    Why is HE always there to comfort me and make sure that I heal?
    When there’s many others more deserving, this is what I feel.
    HE comes when I least expect HIM and helps me through the storms.
    Sometimes I’m amazed at the miracles in my life that HE performs.

    Someday I hope when I formally meet HIM, HE will finally tell me why.
    I will look forward to that day in Heaven when it’s just HIM and I.
    HE’s been such a loving Father to me from the time that I was small.
    I couldn’t have ask for anything more, for my Father gave it all.

~ Bonnie May ~

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