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 *-*A Beautiful Day*-*

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*-*A Beautiful Day*-* Vide
PostSubject: *-*A Beautiful Day*-*   *-*A Beautiful Day*-* Icon_minitime4th December 2008, 13:18

*-*A Beautiful Day*-* Alanandannmillershipwsm_470x350

A Beautiful Day

What a wonderful view,
I vision, as I sit,
On a bench,
On this beautiful, cold Fall day.

Looking north observing,
All that God,
Has displayed before me,
Just thinking, if it's all meant to be?

To my right, the browning leaves,
Are dying,
Falling from their trees,
The grass, is still green.

People disappearing,
Before, the glorious sunset,
To my west,
My shadow, is silhouetted, on the bright,
Orange sands to my right.

The dark green waters,
Of the bay, seem blue,
From the clear sky,
Of this beautiful day's view.

A woman, by the shore,
Feeds the gulls,
Along the beach,
With scraps, she's able to spare.

On this beautiful day,
she washes her hands,
At the edge, of the bay,
Reciting a silent prayer,
Before continuing, on her way.
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*-*A Beautiful Day*-*

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